Monday, August 25, 2008

Solomons Island - Day 1 - "I'm Sailing!"

We spent the weekend at Solomons Island in MD with our good friends Matt and Jeanette. Her Grandparents have a beautiful house on the water. Pretty much right after we arrived her Grandpa took us sailing on his boat!!! So much fun!!!
We set up a table under the tent and that is where we ate all our meals.
Lewis had to help Katie the first time she walked on the dock. She wasn't too sure about that.

A couple of shots on the boat.

Matt and Lewis took care of most of the sail work with guidance from Grandpa Mason, and I was actually driving the boat. That is why no pics of me or Jeanette.

We could not swim in the water because of all the jelly fish in the water.
Here is a picture of the dock and the boat. When we got back their neighbors were there catching crab off the dock. The kids were so mesmerized by that and spent most of the afternoon on the dock.
Grandpa Mason had a small fleet of Kayaks and we all had a blast before dinner in them.
Katie was so excited to get to go with Mr. Matt!!

Austin and Lewis.
I love this picture before Katie adjusted her life vest. It just looks like she has been taken captive. Later on we tethered her to our kayak and she rode by herself.

Austin wanted to be independent soo bad!
This was towards the end and we look like a big mess but you can see us all in the water together.
There were the most amazing sunsets and I had fun taking pictures off the dock.

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