Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Yes I know this is a day late but we had her party last night and we were busy today. Ashley wanted a PJ Party and the girls watched "Camp Rock" and then decorated cupcakes. It was a hit and Ashley has thanked me many times today for "The best Birthday Ever!!"

Make a Wish!
The next few pictures are of a few of Ashley's favorite gifts. I was so proud of her, every thing that she opened was a favorite and she was so great about making sure that every one that she LOVED their gifts!
Nana sent her some crocheting needles and yarn and a bag to keep all her stuff in!
Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dellon sent her a new bag for school!
After presents the girls got to decorate cupcakes. I guess I should have realized that it would have been such a great hit. The girls totally loved picking out their own sprinkles and how much frosting was on their cupcake.

Katie being careful not to spill.
Poor Austin felt so left out. We had our friends Matt and Jeanette over and also our friend Troy, they all went upstairs with Austin and watched "Transformers" and tried to do boy things with him while the girls were totally crazy and giggly in the playroom. All in all it was a great time and we all enjoyed the night.


Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!! I have to say, I really really love her new bag!! I am now on the hunt for a new purse with that same print!

emily said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!! We wish we could've been there!! Looks like you had a great birthday party!

Melissa said...

I'm really sad I wasn't there! I miss the kiddos so much!..... and sometimes you and Lewis too...!

Melissa said...

Oh yeah... and the picture with Ash and her new school bag..... she looks just like my mom in college.... only younger....

Anna Allred said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ashley! You guys are coming back for the holidays, right? Right??!! I miss those kiddos...and what a fun birthday party!