Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daring Bakers: August Challenge - Eclairs

This month was my first challenge and in my crazy life I waited till the last minute to complete it. I was really excited to make the cream puff dough since Andrea has made it many times and then stuffed it with chicken salad (so yummy!).
I was way worried about the puffs since my dough looked nothing like it was supposed to but they really puffed up. I even made them (well sort of) round.
I made vanilla pastry cream since Lewis loves it and then drizzled them with a simple chocolate butter cream frosting. It was really just leftover from Ashley's party.
They were totally yummy and a big hit here. Katie insisted to be in one picture (she is wearing a magnetic chip clip in her hair).
Loads of fun, and a big hit all around.


Lunch Buckets said...

Welcome to the group! I love the chip clip as fashion accessory :)

Eat4Fun said...

Congratulations on your first DB Challenge!

The drizzling effect looks great!

Janalee said...

Hey Tina! I'm drooling! My mom used to make them for FHE treats, but we called them Sloppy Janes (a sweet sloppy joe). She'd make the shells and let us fill them with vanilla pudding and fudge sauce and we would seriously try to slop as much as possible onto the tiny shells. There by becoming seriously messy!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I'll have to try it with my girls!

emily said...

Yum! What's the recipe? You'll have to send it to me. Looks good. I'm totally digging Katie's hair accessory!

silverrock said...

Yummy, those eclairs look delish. I love the decorative spin on the glaze... drizzling the chocolate makes the eclair look very fanciful and fun. Way to go on your first DB challenge.

Harmony said...

Excellent job. I would have loved to try the vanilla filling

Jules said...

Yum. Eclairs are my favorite. Impressive.