Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monkey and Ducks

 Tonight at the party all Monkey wanted was to watch the ducks.  So sweet:)

Love ya Monkey :)

Baseball is done :)

 Tonight we had our end of season party and pictures.  I am relieved to have the season done with and move on:)

I know this picture is dark and a bit grainy but it is my favorite!  It totally encompasses the spirit and personalities that make up this team!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby L - Children's Photographer (Enid)

 Couldn't help but post some of these!  She is such a sweetie :)
 Little Hands
 Little Toes
 Her Daddy's favorite holiday is the 4th of July and so he wanted a patriotic shot that he could put on his desk.  I think we nailed it!
Love the little grin here:)  I think she was dreaming of sweet things!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just for Fun! - Tote Bag - Custom Sewing

Loving the gathering and the states fabric. 
Not sure who this will go to but I had fun making it :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For J&K - Tote Bags - Custom Sewing

 Ash and Katie have birthday parties to go to this weekend and wanted really cool gifts for their friends.  So this afternoon I made these smaller tote bags for their friends and we will go to the dollar store and pick out a couple of things to go in them :)

 I am liking this gathered fabric look on the bags.  Watch out I have a feeling that there will be more where this came from :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Red, White, & Monkey

 New 4th of July dress for Monkey!  Totally love all the patterns together (not sure I would at first, but I do!)!!

She is getting WAY too big!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Batting Practice

 We took the pitching machine to practice on Saturday and all the boys got to practice. 
Here is Austin :)
 See the ball? He hits it!
He is grinning as the next pitch comes :)
 HIT and RUN!!!
Just so you all know how awesome this little man is...
The above picture is him running to home plate after he hit that

For Jolene - Flight Suit Diaper Bag

 LOVED making this bag for a new Momma here in Enid!  Her little girl was born a month early and she did not have a bag and wanted something special.  My friend Heidi (I made a dress for her daughter) gave her my number and told her I could help.
 One of the things I loved about this bag is that the fabric matches her crib bedding :)
(Please ignore the fuzz in the above pic.  There is always one fuzz that I miss.)

 I delivered this today and she totally LOVED it!  She was filling it so she could go and show off her bag to her friends.  She also called her hubby as I was leaving to order her a few patches for it :)

For Monkey - T-shirt Dress - Custom Sewing

 I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby this weekend and had to have it!  I loved the colors and knew exactly what it would be!  I paired it with the lime green at the bottom and a t-shirt from Wally-World on the top and there you have it!  A new dress for Monkey!
I had her try it on on Saturday night and she was so made that I would not let her sleep in it. She walked all around church pointing and telling everyone, "My dress.  My pretty dress."  
Ans of course every little girl needs accessories so we added a bow and the fabric flower.

Fun in the Sun

 Last week in the middle of my sewing frenzy I had to get out and the kids and I needed some sun, so off we went to the splash pad.  It is the only one here and got a little crowded at the end but it was a ton of fun!  WE packed a picnic lunch and splashed and played for about 3 hours!  (I love the above picture because it looks like Natters only has one toe on the ground)

 Some serious Monkey thought :)

 I love the energy that Katie puts in everything that she does!

On the way home we went and got a snow cone and cooled off before heading home and then to a ball game.  I think that it is a day that will be repeated often!

For Laura - Large Summer Tote Custom Bag

 So I took my bag like this to church a couple of weeks ago and a friend stopped me and said that she HAD to have one.  So here it is :)

 Monkey had to have her picture taken too :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day on the Farm

 To start with, we did not bring one of these home, even though it really made Natters sad.  So we went to a BBQ/baseball practice at one of the boys house on Austin's team.  They live on a working farm and Natalie and the other girls got to play with a lot of baby animals.
 Natalie's favorite of the babies were these Heeler/Lab mix puppies.  The momma really was great and let her hold this little girl for a long time.  She hugged and kissed and smiled at her puppy :)

Austin LOVED this little gray kitten!  He still talks to me to try and get me to go and get her and bring her home.
 More kisses.
 This is Natalie all proud to finally have two puppies, and Jacklyn (she lives there, and plays with Natters at the baseball games).
 Katie looks half dead here but this was her favorite, a new born chick hatched the night before :)
So much fun!  And yes there was parctice but I was too busy trying to make sure that Natalie did not drop the puppy that I didn't get pictures of that.