Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lots of Updates

We have just gotten home from being in Albuquerque for two weeks. There are tons of pictures in the following posts and I hope you enjoy a glimpse of our trip. It was so great to see everyone! I am still waiting on some photos from Evalee of time that they spent with the kiddos and will do an additional post as soon as those get here.
On a side note I took Natalie to the Dr. this morning and she weighs 13 pounds 7 ounces (90%), and is 23 inches long (75%). She looks great and is a total joy to have in our family!

A Special Blessing

On Father's Day (in ABQ) we blessed Natalie. We were able to have all the Uncles (except Uncle Mark), Grandpa, and Papa there. Lewis gave a beautiful blessing and I really believe that sweet baby girl was saved for these last days. I feel truly blessed to have her as a part of our family.

Happy Father's Day Lewis!!

For Father's Day we took pictures with cardboard letters to spell out Dad.
We totally love Daddy and all that he does for us.

Fishing Fun!

On Friday the 19th Nana and Papa took us to Fenton Lake and the kiddos got to go fishing.
Anna and her girls, Emily and Julie, Matt and Elisha, Lewis and the kiddos, Mom and Dad and I all went. We started by getting breakfast burritos at Blake's (yummmy!!) and then we were off.

Anna and Leah.

Emily helped the little girls get started. They only had dummy fish but they still had a blast getting their fish, over and over :)

Lewis caught his first fish ever! Then he proceeded to catch another two. The rule after your first fish is that the little kids get to reel them in and count them as their fish.
I posted the above picture because I love the look of Katie.

Katie and Papa.

Austin and his fish.

Katie, Papa and Monica with Katie's fish.

Matt and his fish.

Katie and Monica were bosom buddies from the moment that we got to ABQ and you could almost always find them together. I loved them both helping Leah.

Monica and her fish.

Monica and Katie.

Lewis and Ashley with her fish.

Austin takes a sweet moment with Natalie.

Ashley and another fish.

A family shot at the end of the day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monica & Leah's Party

on the 13th Anna threw a birthday party for Monica(4) and Leah(1).

She had a water table set up and Julie had a total blast getting wet!

Ashley and Leah became fast friends, and this would be how we found the two of them most of our trip. Ashley was determined to see her first steps (which happened about a week later).

Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dellon met Natalie for the first time this trip and were completely in love with her.

Anna made this really good strawberry cake with jam filling. So Yummy!!!

Uncle Matt with Grandma.

Like any good one-year-old, Leah digs into her cake.Austin was the one that killed the pinata.

Monica and Leah received so many fun gifts. The bag above was made by Aunt Emily and is really sweet.

Papa and Natalie.

We gave the girls this bubble machine. You had to let it prime for 5 minutes before the bubble solution came through and bubbles started to rise. I loved that Lewis was just as concerned with when the first bubble would come, as were the girls.

Wedding Weekend

Lewis' brother, Doug, was married in the Albuquerque NM temple on the 12th of June to a wonderful young lady, Lydia.

Here are Papa and Katie waiting.

I love the adoring looks on their faces.

Goofy Groomsmen.

Gary wanted a picture with his brothers and their Mom. Grandma is not the easiest to photograph since she hates to have her picture taken. But I think that this is my favorite. I love how she is just giving up and the boys seem to be having a great time.

After we took all the family wedding shots, Dad got some good shots of us.

The next night we had dinner with all the Aunts and Uncles that were still in town and I got these shots of the kiddos.