Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For Jan- Again :) - BDU Bag

 This is for my dear friend Jan that is leaving Vance tomorrow.  She asked me to make this one  a lot smaller for her so that she could jsut take it on date night or whatever.  It is about half the size of the other bags I have made but I really like it and hope that she does too :)

It closes with a magnetic clasp and has a divided pocket on one side.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Me :)

 A couple weekends ago I met Emily in OKC for Time out for Women.  I was so excited and knowing that she just had her birthday and that we would be doing some running around and with summer on us (ok like I need a reason :)  I made us matching tote bags.  Hers is the same except where it is turquoise on mine hers is green (her favorite color).
 This is the back of the bag.  These are LARGE totes and I am totally in love with mine.
 Inside is really simple but you could add more pockets if you wanted.
Side.  These pockets are perfect for bottles of water, sippi cups and pretty much anything!
I had my bag at church a couple of weeks ago and a sister decided that she HAD to have one so I am making her one now.  I am really loving this commissioned sewing gig I am starting here :)

Sirens & Closets

 We had the first siren go off yesterday, we had company and it was pouring rain so we "cleaned out " the closet in Natter's room and hid there.  Lewis was locked on base and when he got home he asked where exactly the tornado had hit :)
 Can you tell we are having so much fun :(

 My friend Kylia was here and her girls too.  So there were 8 of us in that little closet.

 The clouds looked amazing after all was said and done.
 We needed a pocket check while we were outside taking pictures.

Rainbows & Secrets - Recital 2011

 Katie's ballet class did their # to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

 Ashley's ballet class did their dance to a song called Secrets.  I was really proud of them both.

 Unfortunately Ashley's group went out the opposite doors that Katie's group did so I was not able to get a group shot of them.  They all did great and each session of the recital was almost 3 hours long.  SO big shout outs go to Natters and Daddy, and Austin for sitting though all that!

Leonardo's - 1st grade Last Day Trip

 All the 1st grade classes went to Leonardo's for the last day of school.  I went to go and play for a little bit and to get Katie early since they had dress rehearsals for the recital that afternoon too.
 All of her friends had a blast playing with Natalie.

 This is Natalie too :)  She is in Katie's class at church and they are good buddies.

 What to do next?
 Tire swing?
 Yeah Baby!!!
 This is the entrance to the play area.  It is the largest play structure I have ever seen!  It is a 3 level play house with a sand area, slides, swings, a picnic area, and even a special area for toddlers.

Chisholm ES End of Year Assemblies (May 18th)

 Katie and Austin each had an end of year award assembly at their school.  
Katie standing in line to tell her favorite part of 1st grade, "Testing, because we got snacks everyday." and get her awards.  She was on the Principals Honor Roll, and got an award for reading more than 25 books this year!
 Katie and her teacher, and then waiting in line to go back to their seats.

 A better pic of Katie and her teacher Ms. B.
 After the 1st grade assembly there were cookies and lemonade in the classroom.
 This is Katie with Ms. JJ, she was the aid in the class this year and Katie really just loved her!
 Austin got to be a helper for the 3rd grade assembly and hand out programs.

 Austin waiting his turn in line.
 This is Austin's token grin lately.  I am not sure where it came from but it totally drives me crazy most of the time :)  He received awards for  reading 25 or more books this year and then also made the Principals Honor Roll!
Austin and Ms. S.