Saturday, July 9, 2011

What We Did When it Was 113 Outside (LOADS of Pics)

 Well today it was 113 out!  I could not believe it!  So we stayed inside, watched movies and I did some sewing!  2 new sets of jammies for Monkey.

 After the first 2 pics she had to dance :)  Sorry the pics are so dark, I took them at 8:00 and it was still 111 out!

 This is the point that she did not want to pose any more.
 I made this robe from a towel that I got from Wally-World.

 At about 8:30 Lewis decided it was now or never for mowing the lawn, and Natters played in the water table.

 She loved watching Lewis, and she figured out that she could pour the water in her diaper and it was cool.  Silly girl!  Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler!!!