Tuesday, February 15, 2011


"A whole bunch of stars in God's hand;  that's how beautiful you are."
Katie and I were having a contest in the car telling each other how special the other was, and that is what she came up with.  Needless to say, she won :)

Love ya sweetie!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun Weekend (aka photo overload)

 So after being stuck inside most of the week we ventured out on Friday to the Golden Arches and ate/played for a while and then came home.  While Natalie napped the  older kids did this little craft for their teachers.

 I found the printout online and then had to go and buy a punch the right size for the bottom of the kisses.  The kids really had a blast.  We also made a whole bowl to go to work with Daddy.
 The kiddos also took the time to go ahead and do their Valentines for school.

 That night we fed the Elders.  They gave a mini lesson on the Strippling Warriors and having faith to do the right even when things are hard.  To end the lesson we had a snowball fight (Elder Ortiz had never seen snow (in person) before).

 Natters had a blast walking around in the snow. She had to take big steps since it was still pretty deep in the yard.
 Austin had a great time, he is pretty good at making snowballs.
 Bracing for impact.
 A quick group shot as Natters begins to melt.

 On Saturday we went bowling on base.  I was so surprised at how much Natalie loved it!!!
 If she was not bowling she was standing by the ball or trying to steal one.  Are those little shoes not the greatest?!  She cried when it came time to return them.

 The ball sits on the little ramp and then the bar pushes the ball to roll down the ramp.  Coolest thing ever!  It even had levels on it to make sure that you had it lined up just right.  Our friends that came with us had two little girls that decided that they did not want to bowl after the first 3 frames.  So Austin helped Natters almost every other frame to bowl.
So the total for the 6 of us to bowl 2 games and rent shoes was a whopping $7.75.  We had lunch there too, which brought the total to about $23.00.  It was so totally affordable that we will definitely do this again!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 As is our tradition large snow systems seem to follow us where ever we move, and Oklahoma is no exception.  Last week we were struck with a blizzard storm (high winds with snow and ice) and then Tuesday morning we were hit with what has been dubbed Snow-klahoma.  Lower winds and 12inches in the shallow and 19 inches in the deeper areas, and that is just at our house.  Doesn't look like Natters will be going anywhere in her Cozy Coupe any time soon :(
 Front Yard
 Back Yard
 Lewis being a ham looking through his snow gear to stay warm while shoveling.
 Natters liked to sit and look out the window to the snow.

 When she heard the boys out front shoveling she had to take a look.
 I know that this one is blurry but I thought that it was adorable that she was hiding in the curtains.
This was Austin while shoveling.  The pic is not that great because I took it through the front door because I didn't want to go out into the freezing cold.
So, the kiddos are on their second day off this week and with Katie having pneumonia we haven't played outside too much.  I think they would love to just have one more day home so that there is just a really long weekend.  With the temp at -4 right now, they just might get their wish.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make a Cheerful Noise

Katie had the opportunity to participate in a "mini-cheer" clinic that the high school did last week, and as a close to the program they preformed at the girls basketball game last night.  Katie had a blast and now really wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up.  She made a lot of new friends too.

 Go Longhorns!!!

 There are a lot of pictures of Katie with other little girls, once I got the camera out they all wanted their picture taken :)
This is the cheerleader that worked with the 1st graders.  Her name is Katie and she drives a green car.  She was my Katie's favorite of the big girls :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunny Saturday & New Hero Bag

 The weather on Saturday was so great (75 degrees :)) that we washed cars, and then Lewis got out his motorcycle and gave the kiddos a ride:)

 Then Monday night it stormed and stormed on Tuesday.  The kiddos were home two days and I was going crazy so on with my Hero Bags:)  This one is for me but I will have to order patches since Lewis  does not use these kinds of patches at work.
 But I still think that it is lovely :)
 A friend provided me with a few unserviceable suits to use for my bags and so I thought that I would make myself a bag too:)  I love it and can't wait to get all my junk in there :)   I was sad though that I had to take pics in the entry since it is still less than 10 degrees out and wet :(