Monday, June 30, 2008


Ok well I tried and failed to read this one over time. I guess it wasn't a total failure but it take about a week and Katie did get sick during that time so that is better than the day and a half that the others took. I stayed up way later than I thought which is way easy to do (those of you who have read these books know what I mean), and then finished this morning. I am gonna have to hang in there and find another book to read till "Breaking Dawn" comes out in August.
As most readers do at the end of this book I am not happy with Jake, and yes Lewis is my Edward.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome Little one!!!

My sweet sister, Anna, had her baby last night. It was about 9:30 NM time and she had a very quick labor(3-4 hours from what I know as of now). Leah Grace entered the world weighing 7lbs. & 10ozs. and measuring 20 inches long. My Dad promised pictures today and I will post them once I get them.
CONGRATULATIONS Anna, Ryan, and Monica!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


What a sweet movie! We took the kiddos to see this today since Lewis got home early from work. I can't remember ever liking a movie so much with almost no dialogue. Lewis didn't quite care for it but the kids really liked it. I would recommend seeing this one in the theatre but more like a matinee price.

Bloomin' Hostas

These are the beautiful blossoms on my hosta plants. I had a huge cluster of them have transplanted at least half of them to other places in the yard and they are all in bloom. I really love these delicate pale purple flowers and there are buds everywhere!
This is a pic of what is left of the original cluster of hosta.

Heat Allergy

Ashley woke up yesterday morning with this mild rash and then after a playgroup at the park she soon had it all over her body. When I took her into the clinic afraid that it was something bad I was told that it was her body's way of reacting to the heat/sun and humidity. She will have to stay inside while the rash is present and then take an potent antihistamine 3 times a day. From now on I will have to limit her time outside and I hope to build her up to a longer exposure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Can I Be...


A friend posted this to her blog and I simply loved it. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Drinking Pals

Katie is never happier than when she is drinking out of my soda can. I have gotten to where I purposefully leave a good amount still in the can for her.

The day was nicely overcast yesterday and the kids played out there while I read (yes I am still reading). I took a few pictures of Ashley happy that her friend came over to play too and then Austin and Katie sitting together cooling off after riding down the mulch mountain a few times on their bikes.

Cookie Bites

Being out of snicker doodles and Lewis taking the older kids on a bike ride, Katie and I made some butterscotch and chocolate chip cookie bites. I call them bites since I use the small scoop from pampered chef and it allows us to have more than one cookie and not feel bad.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Moon

Yeppers, I finished this one today. I am so entranced with these books. It is odd since I really dislike sci-fi books and such but these are great! I did trim the bushes and weed prior to sitting down for 4 hours and finishing. I am gonna be in trouble when I finish Eclipse since I'll have to wait till August for the last book.

Going, Going, Gone...

About 3 weeks ago there was a huge storm that blew through the area and a huge branch fell off the tree in the back yard. Well long story short it took them till last Wednesday to finally take care of the issue. This branch went all the way to the back door of the neighbors behind us. I was amazing to watch the big crane truck some in and lift it up. I couldn't believe how big that really was.

Little Snickers....

I made cookies with JZ the other night before she left for about the whole summer. I decided that I really wanted some snicker doodles but ended up not having the right ingredients for my recipe. I looked up and found one on Martha Stewart and they were wonderful!!! I used my tiny cookie scoop and they were the perfect.
Just ask Matt, Lewis and the Missionaries.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Okay I have finally succumbed to the pressure of those around me telling me that this is the series to read. Honestly vampire's and books about such have never been my thing. So I started Thursday night and read a chapter then picked it back up yesterday and yes like so many before me my kids watched too much TV and had to remind me about lunch. I finished the whole book yesterday and am left reeling for more. I am really impressed at how this author just sucks you into the story. I am not sure exactly how she does it but is is amazing and I am going through withdrawal waiting to go and get the next book.
Wow is about all I can say.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy far

In an attempt to keep things moving smoothly over the summer I have made these chore reminders for each of the kiddos. The idea came from another blog that I discovered but the idea is the same. The sticks with pictures on them are the chores, in the top pocket means you still need to complete them and the bottom pocket is for things you have already done. There is even a stick for attitude, and "handy helper" (an extra thing for me that will earn them dessert). The point is to try and get them motivated to get their chores done in order to earn computer/TV/video game time.
Wish us luck.....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Grilling Man

For Father's Day Lewis got a grill. It came in a box and it took some teamwork but I think that we are ready to grill some burgers and dogs for dinner.
Way to go dude!!!

Fun with Nana & Papa

Today ended our visit with Nana and Papa. We had a lot of fun with them here and visited the Air and Space Museum. Ikea, and saw "Kung Fu Panda". It is always a ton of fun when they visit and we look forward to seeing them again soon.
Austin looking cool in Papa's glasses.

We took the next few pictures from the observation tower at the Dulles Air and Space Museum. Mom was happy not looking out the window since we were seven stories up.
Lewis points out all the planes that were out on the tarmac that afternoon.

When we left for the museum we were unaware that it was family day and that there would be a billion people there. After we got back down from the observation tower the girls and Nana and I went to a classroom where there was a story time and coloring project. There were also a few costumes that the girls enjoyed trying on.

Katie loved this costume and especially the glasses.

Slinging it...

So this is my first attempt at a baby sling. This is for Anna's new baby that is due in the next few weeks. I loved making it and it was so easy!!! I hope that you love this and use it often!

She Likes to Move It!!!

Since summer is upon us and we all had good bikes but Katie, Lewis and I surprised Katie this weekend with her big girl bike. She had been riding one that her knees hit the handle bars when she rides; poor thing.
Now there is no excuse for us to be out there as a family.

End of Year Parties

Friday was the kiddos last day of school (finally). There was an award ceremony where Austin received a special award fro Citizenship. There are 2 children out of each class that receive it and there is a nice little paragraph about each child that the principal reads.
Thursday were the kids end of year parties.
This is the team teacher in his class; Ms.Paap.

Austin's class had a Pirate party and there was a scavenger hunt, pin the treasure chest on the map, bandanna decorating, treasure map making, and then an ice cream party. It was a lot of fun!!
Ashley's class had a field day and then there was a mother from the class made a class autograph book. It was really sweet, she took a class pic and then put a small book together for each child in the class.
Ashley and Ms. Koch.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fuzzy Flip-Flops, 10 years, Joan Jet, & Marching Ants

I know that it has been a little bit since my last blog so I thought that I would update you on the latest happenings.
Today was Austin's Kindergarten program. They had been studying ants and so they marched in singing "The Ants go marching two by two..." They were so cute all in little masks that they made in class. Then they sang a Jelly Bean song.

Austin has really loved his teacher this year. I feel that we really lucked out with her and hopefully she will be there when Katie starts Kindergarten.

Thanks Ms. Kehler!

Last Saturday (June7th) after Mom and Dad got here we went to 'Celebrate Fairfax!' a local festival and got to see Joan Jet and then there was a big fireworks show that was sponsored by SAIC (the company that Dad works for). Poor Mom was so pooped on Sunday.

A light bulb went off Friday (June 6th) for Austin and he finally got the hang of tying his shoes. We had been trying to help him with that for a long time. It was so great to see that look of accomplishment on his face when he got it! Way To Go Austin!!!

Also Friday was our 10 year anniversary. I can hardly believe that it has been so long. It seems like yesterday that we were sealed. Well, we went to dinner and then to see "Prince Caspian" (great movie) and then when we were walking out of the movie we were able to see the festival fireworks. It was a great end to the evening.

I helped at a Young Women's activity last Wednesday and painted toes for the Beehives after they made these flip flops. As a kind gesture they made sure that they had enough supplies for the girls to also make a pair. I thought that they were adorable.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Blessing

Lewis' cousin Mark (link is on the side bar) and wife Robyn blessed their first born this afternoon in Denver. Isaac this blanket is for you and in the mail first thing tomorrow. Sorry that it is late but I think that it will be worth the wait.
I am really enjoying making these little blankets but now I have to get my rear in gear to get the baby sling that I promised Anna done so that Mom and Dad can take it back with them when they come. It is hard since Evalee and I started larger blankets while she was here and I am totally addicted to mine.