Friday, June 27, 2008

Heat Allergy

Ashley woke up yesterday morning with this mild rash and then after a playgroup at the park she soon had it all over her body. When I took her into the clinic afraid that it was something bad I was told that it was her body's way of reacting to the heat/sun and humidity. She will have to stay inside while the rash is present and then take an potent antihistamine 3 times a day. From now on I will have to limit her time outside and I hope to build her up to a longer exposure.


Allreds said...

Ohhh, poor Ashley!! Give her hugs from me. We love her!!

Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

AHHHHH...I got that when I was little too!! Poor thing. It only happened to me 2 summers in a row and then I was good to go.
Love your plants!!