Sunday, November 21, 2010

A New Dress for Monkey

 When I dropped Mom at the airport on Wednesday I stopped by Target and got a few long sleeve shirts for Natalie.  I really needed to get her some winter dresses.
 I added the sweet ruffles and then the skirt.
Sorry the pic is dark but it is late and I just wanted to make sure that the dress got posted.  
Next is two more dresses and some jammies :)

New Background

 I did some baby pics the other day and was trying out my new background.  So...  I set Natalie on the table and we had some fun.  I love her eyes and the various expressions that were captured!

Pin Me... Or Maybe Not

 The other night the kids got into a box that had some clothes pins and they began pinning them to Lewis.  After watching for a little bit, Mom made the comment that we needed pictures of this.
 Lewis was a sport and let me take a few pics.  
I know that he hates/pretends to hate taking pictures.

Skating Katie

 At school Austin and Katie had a unit in P.E. that was roller skating.  They had so much fun!  At the end the parents were able to go and see them skate.  I got to see Katie but I missed Austin since I was picking up Mom from the airport in OKC.
 Katie was a trooper, every time that she fell she got right back up.
 I love that her wrist guards match her outfit!

They both had a blast and I thought that it was great that they had the opportunity to go and see what the kids have been learning.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooktacular Fun!

 With my recent medical developments (diagnosed will arthritis, still testing for type) I was not sure if Halloween would really happen this year.  The older kiddos all raided closets for their costumes and Natalie needed hers made.  Luckily, Friday I was able to have enough pain free time before the base trick or treating to make her Minnie Mouse costume.

 Meet: Bond, James Bond.  Lewis made him a wooden gun at the wood shop.

 Natalie was so not about taking pictures....

 My little She-Devil...
And our hippie.    They all had a blast.  They went trick or treating on Friday on base and then Sat at the Trunk or Treat.