Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Say Good-Bye, We Say Hello

 Yesterday morning we said goodbye to Nana and Papa.  It was a great week filled with sleeping in, movies, fishing and playing in the front yard, even flying kites.  I know that it was crazy working all that in around baseball and soccer but thanks for all the great fun!  Hope to see you guys here again soon!!!
Last night Grandma and Aunt Missy came through on their way home from buying a car in Ohio. Thanks for hanging out and going to the chili cook-off at church last night.  Where my white chili won first place!!!! 
It was great to see you all and hope that you enjoyed your stay at the Taylor B&B :)

Watonga Lake

 Mom and Dad came to visit last week since the kiddos had Spring Break and one of the things the kiddos always want to do with Papa is.... FISHING!  Dad found us a great lake and we picked a day.  Unfortunately it was a very blustery day and there really wasn't much fishing going on.
 The only one who caught something was Papa.  He caught the sleeve for the folding camp chair that blew into the lake.
 Nana, Ash and Bubba went exploring up a cliff for rocks.
 Natalie really wanted to go too :(
Katie and Papa giving it their all.
 Austin and his rocks.  I swear I am swimming in rocks these kiddos brought home :)
 Natalie guarding our stuff while Papa went to go get the van to load up.

 All in all we had a wind blown picnic and fun afternoon followed by dinner at Rib Crib (yummy).

Pretty great St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Latest Sewing Projects

Newest to my Hero Gear line is this beautiful little dress I was commissioned to make for my friends little girl from her Daddy's flight suit.  Love it!!!
 After I made my friend Jan her Hero Gear bag her Mother-in-Law wanted a bag made from some old jeans she had been saving.  I think that she will love it; I know I do :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Saturday Sampler Block 2

I finally finished block #2.  With Lewis being gone and then all the kiddos being sick things have been crazy around here and I had not done anything more than cut it out until today.  Good thing too since my class is in the morning :)
I am happy to report that the new squaring tools really helped and I am totally happy with this block.
This is the back of the block, I just thought it looked pretty.
Now that this is done I can go ahead and try out my serger :)

It Was Due When???

Long story short I am not sure if I am an awesome mom or just a spacey one.  I picked Austin up from school for a Dr. appointment on Wednesday, and his teacher wondered where his science fair project was.  I had thought that it was due after spring break (next week) and with him missing all of last week being home sick,  I guess that I had dropped the ball.  Needless to say we did a project and the display (not pictured) all in one night.
The name of his project was the Amazing Fireproof Balloon.
Basically we filled three balloons with air and held a flame under them.  They popped (see Nana's hand?  Thanks so much for all your help!)
Then we filled one with water and air.  It did NOT pop (well the first one popped since we put the flame where the water was not).  It was kind of neat to learn about the science of why that was.  All in all I would totally not recommend doing the entire project in one night (especially if you have volunteered at Young Women's that night too), but Austin was a trooper and it all turned out ok in the end.

Random Thoughts

I often can not find my ipod, the kiddos love to play with it, and watch movies with it.  I was looking a couple of weeks ago and this is where I found it.  With my little girls all cozy on the bed.
The first week of March Lewis left for some more training down in TX.  Before he left he had to replace the rotors on his car.  Austin ended up doing most of the work under Dad's supervision and was so proud of his work.
This is one of the old rotors.
Austin said that his favorite part of helping was getting his hands all dirty. 
After all was said and done they had to to the brake drums too, but now Lewis' car is in great shape!