Friday, March 11, 2011

It Was Due When???

Long story short I am not sure if I am an awesome mom or just a spacey one.  I picked Austin up from school for a Dr. appointment on Wednesday, and his teacher wondered where his science fair project was.  I had thought that it was due after spring break (next week) and with him missing all of last week being home sick,  I guess that I had dropped the ball.  Needless to say we did a project and the display (not pictured) all in one night.
The name of his project was the Amazing Fireproof Balloon.
Basically we filled three balloons with air and held a flame under them.  They popped (see Nana's hand?  Thanks so much for all your help!)
Then we filled one with water and air.  It did NOT pop (well the first one popped since we put the flame where the water was not).  It was kind of neat to learn about the science of why that was.  All in all I would totally not recommend doing the entire project in one night (especially if you have volunteered at Young Women's that night too), but Austin was a trooper and it all turned out ok in the end.

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