Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Day of School

In all my updating fun I forgot to add the pictures of the kiddos on their first day of school.  So here they are with a little bit on how the first few days went.
Lets start with Ash.  She went to the middle school and boy was she excited.  She had a great couple of days and totally loves that she was able to help those around her with their lockers.  I think she will have a blast this year! (I know her hair looks odd but it was oh-so-cute; and yes after cutting bangs she has decided to grow them out again)
Then there is Austin that was so excited to start, but came home got his jammies on and cried himself to sleep.  It was so sad!  He did go back Friday and have a better day.  I am so proud of him for being brave.
Now we have Katie our big 1st grader.  She has a blast and is doing great!  We had a little bump in the road Friday morning where she could still not remember our new phone #.  She was afraid that she would not be able to call me if she needed me.  Once I convinced her that her teacher had it and could call if I was needed she was ok.
Natalie and I have been having fun during the day (other than a huge migraine on Thursday).  Natters is on a great nap schedule and I am getting back into the groove of life... Finally.  All the kids ride the same bus and so it makes it easy to go and walk to the bus in the morning and afternoon.  Plus I know that they can watch out for each other.

Pics with Dad

With Lewis going to Shepherd AFB for training we took some new pics.  We had fun with me setting the timer and running back.  I think that it turned out pretty good considering that I just barely made it.  Poor Natalie wouldn't sit on Lewis' lap she had to have her tush on that bench.
So cute!
The boys chillin'.
So do you have cavities yet from the sweetness??  The kiddos really love to have these kinds of pictures near them to keep near their hearts.

KU Shirts.

My new neighbor/buddy went to a birthday party for her nephew this weekend in Kansas.  His parents are huge KU fans.  She found these fabrics and I made them into shirts for him.
This was my favorite.  I hope that they enjoy the shirts!
Go Jayhawks!

Austin is 9!

For Austins birthday we had a couple of his new friends come and make pizza and watch "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".  I think that the boys had a blast, and from a Mom's point of view it was a way easy party.
They had so much fun making their pizzas.
After the movie we had cake (blueberry cobbler) and presents.  
The kiddos were so great about pausing so I could take a few pictures.
I totally loved the look on his face here.
Sorry about another cake pic but I loved the smoke :)
I think that this was one of his favorites (Natalie loves to steal it and even figured out how to turn it on).
Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dellon sent this.  He still walks around the house with it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Models & Bugs

Lewis wanted to get something that Austin could do with and without him.  So he bought Austin a model.  A little advanced if you ask me but he is in love and has a blast sitting at his little table working away.
He is o-so-careful as he carves out the bombs.
While Austin works on his model Ashley found this really pretty dragonfly.