Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flight Suit Dress - for Heidi

This is one of the special orders that I just delivered.  I am so happy with it and so is my client.  
It is a 12 month size and just really sweet, I love the pink with the green!
Here is a little of the detail on the bottom. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

 Yesterday we went to an Easter Egg hunt on base (Ash was at a band competition) and totally missed the little kids egg hunt because we had to wait for a train to pass.  The bigger kids got to do their turn and shared the loot with Natters.  We stayed and they all played on the playground for about an hour.
 Unfortunately Lewis had to work all day yesterday so we did our egg coloring today.  They all drew on their eggs.

 Posed for pics :)

 Natters was not allowed to actually touch the coloring but she was really good at watching the cups. 
 Every time that Lewis took one out she would say, "Ooo, Purple!"  Even though none were :)

 They wanted to do Funny Faces.

 Some of our favorite Eggs.

Lots of pretty colors and fun.  We had a great Easter and shared it with our friends and the Elders.  Hope that you all had a great Easter too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet Monkey

For Rika - Flight Suit Bag

 This was a special order for a good friend at church.

Busy Bees

 Why have there not been any posts for a while?  Well, let's just put it this way, life at our house is CRAZY right now.  With the girls both playing soccer and Austin playing baseball life has been chaotic to say the least.  Add to that the normal weekly activities like, scouts and dance and then Lewis' softball games and we have at least 2 things every night of the week.
 The girls are doing great and are almost done with their season.

 Lewis even helps coach Katie's team.
I am gonna have to get some pics of Austin up soon.  It is hard since I am team mom and end up in the dugout and keeping score.  He has only had 2 games so far and his season runs through June.  

Happy Birthday Monkey!

 I know that I am really late in posting this but my little Monkey is 2!!!  Love her!  
So... since we really didn't have a lot of people that we would have had a party with we invited our friends the Hassett's over since Daddy Hassett and Daughter Hassett both have April birthdays and we had one party.

 This was our rainbow cake that I made. Soo way yummy.
 Here are the birthday girls, and boy.  Poor Natters had no idea what to do about blowing the candles out and totally just stood there and was confused.

 Opening presents.
 Inside of Rainbow cake.
 Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dellon got her a trike.  It is a really big hit,  she can peddle just not steer.

 But I don't want to go in :(

And this ladies and gentlemen is why we do not post more group shots around here :)