Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine & Updates Galore!

First I have to apologize for not staying up to date on the blog.  Life has been crazy here the last few weeks and I am just feeling like we are really getting the hang of our schedule.  With dance, soccer, scouts, and other weekly activities we have been nuts!  So below you will find what has happened in the last 5 or 6 weeks.  Scroll down to the bottom and work your way to the top.  Also this is a picture of the lot across from our house in the morning,  This is what we look at as we eat breakfast every morning.  Pretty huh?!

Sharing the fun.

Needless to say, yesterday was just one of those days.  You know the ones that everyone has but no one wants to admit to.  Well that was yesterday.  So when the neighbors knocked on the door and asked if the kids could ride bikes, I caved and sent the big kids out to play.  My neighbor came by to secretly admit that she too was having one of those days.  As we chatted she looked out the front window to this...
All the kids had gathered skateboards and with one bike took turns pulling the rope up the hill on a bike.  Yes that is Austin on the tiny pink bike :)  So I grabbed my camera and we ran out too.  It was hard to remember why we were having one of those days after a few minutes of these happy faces.
Natalie wanted in on the fun too!  Austin, as always, was quick to scoop her up and let her in :)
The biker girls.
So with black feet from the new road, we walked in having a great night.

Jets vs. Cowboys 8-3 :)

So Saturday (9-18) was our second game, this time against the Cowboys.  Unlike the cool weather that we had Thursday it was just under 100 out.  The boys were tired and worn out only 15 mins. into the game.  
Austin played goalie for part of the game.
Half time pep talk and Gatorade break (from the after game snack, was had early since all the boys had already drank all their water).
Go Austin Go!!
Despite this pic, Austin did a lot better about not using his hands.
Good Game Guys!  Some of the kids we go to church with were on the opposing team.
Austin through the "Victory Tunnel".  (we did this last game too, I just didn't get Austin)

Jets vs. Warriors 2-6 :(

Last Thursday (9-16) was Austin's first soccer game.  On the way to the fields we were worried that they might cancel the game since it was raining at our house.  It was gloomy. but it did stay dry.  Natalie made us all stop and sit ON the chairs as we walked to the field.
Gloomy Sky pic.
Austin just hanging around during practice.
Go Austin!!
I totally loved the look on his face in this one :)
The Jets did pretty good considering the other team was a bit older and a lot bigger than they are.  Austin kept using his hands to catch the ball and fouling.  Poor thing has played nothing but baseball the last couple of years.
This was the coaches yelling "This is soccer DON'T use your hands, AUSTIN!!!"  It was a fun day:  a good game of soccer, a spilled DDP, and lots of fun with...

OSC: Sept. Welcome Social

When we first moved here my new neighbor, Katie, asked me if I would please serve on the OSC (Officer's Spouses Club) Board with her.  I don't think that I quite knew what I was getting into, but it has been fun!  Last week was our "Welcome" social;  the first of the new fiscal year.  We did some fun getting to know you games and everyone had a blast.  Here are a few pics of the set up.
This was the dessert/prize table.  All the prizes came from Pampered Chef (that's  right; I now sell Pampered Chef!!!  You need something?!  Call me!!!) and the cupcakes came from a local bakery.  Everyone loved them but I think that we will just make them ourselves in Oct..  Everything is pink because the cause of the month was Breast Cancer Awareness.  We also had a sign-up for the walk-run that will be in OKC on the 9th of Oct. (look for pics of that later as we will be doing it as a family); the OSC will be sponsoring a team.
The big room pic:)
We spent part of our budget on these flowers.  They will be great to use at other events in the future since they are a neutral color.
Everyone had a great time and Katie and I are so excited to start planning the BINGO activity in October.


Right before I left for ABQ I was stopped in Hobby Lobby and asked where I had bought my handbag from.  When I told her I had made it she begged me to make her one.  She bought the supplies and will pay for the labor, and I will sew it.  I was very excited how it turned out!
This one is my fall bag.  I know... how many bags does one woman need?  How many you got?  :)


Over Labor Day weekend the kids and I took Mom back to ABQ and were able to be there for Naomi's blessing.  It was so sweet and tender and I am so blessed to have been able to be there for that.  I was also able to take a ton of pics of the beautiful guest of honor.  Such a beautiful baby!!!
Such a serious little sleeper.
I am way in love with little baby piggies!
I know that this is not everyone's favorite pic, but I think that it is so precious since she loves to play with that tongue and it is always out :)
Elisha's Mom and Step-Dad were able to come from Wyoming with her sister Jen for the occasion.
I love the sweetness here.  What a lucky baby girl to have 3 Grandpa's to spoil her rotten!
So much love for this little baby girl!  I swear I could really feel it all around.  This is Elisha with her Dad and Naomi, of course.
It was really great to have the afternoon to hang out with all of our family and Elisha's too :)  Her and Matt are really doing a great job here!!!  I had so many great pics, that it was really hard to limit myself as to what to post.

For Jaxon

Well this baby quilt is the second that I have made this year for a new niece/nephew.  This is for Jaxon,  Doug and Lydia's new little man.  He was born 6 weeks early but is now home with mom and dad and doing great!
This quilt brought a lot of firsts for me: first time with this pattern, first time to applique on the quilt, and first time for free-motion quilting.  All in all I am really happy for this to go to sweet Jaxon.  I fell in love with this fabric when we were still in VA and when they found out that it was a boy, I was so excited that I ran to JoAnn's to by it.
This is the back, a nice cozy flannel.  I really was very pleased with how this turned out and hope that they love it too.  And that is Mom back there holding the quilt in the wind :)  Thanks Mom!!

Happy Happy Birthday Ashley Dear!!

While Mom was here visiting we had Ashley's Birthday!  It was small and I think that we will still have a small party for her once Lewis gets back and life settles down a bit.  My new neighbor and dear friend, Katie, made this way yummy cake and celebrated with us.
What a pretty cake.  And yes folks that is eleven candles you see there.  My goodness am I that old?!?!
I just liked the effect of the candles and her in the background here.  She is my sweetie and I love her to death!  Happy Birthday Ash-Bash!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Since I have become a baking fiend, a wheat mill seemed the logical next step :)  Lucky me I have a mother with 6 cases of wheat in her garage that she will never use (as she is not a baker herself).  After doing some research and watching online videos, I decided on a Nutrimil.  It is sooooo amazing!!
Here is my pretty grinder (it gives me goosebumps just lookin at it now).

This is what it looks like before the pretty grinder does its job.

The result is a wheat flour that you know exactly what is in it and it is much finer of a grind than even the more expensive flours.  I have been mixing it with my white flour and it is way yummy!