Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Over Labor Day weekend the kids and I took Mom back to ABQ and were able to be there for Naomi's blessing.  It was so sweet and tender and I am so blessed to have been able to be there for that.  I was also able to take a ton of pics of the beautiful guest of honor.  Such a beautiful baby!!!
Such a serious little sleeper.
I am way in love with little baby piggies!
I know that this is not everyone's favorite pic, but I think that it is so precious since she loves to play with that tongue and it is always out :)
Elisha's Mom and Step-Dad were able to come from Wyoming with her sister Jen for the occasion.
I love the sweetness here.  What a lucky baby girl to have 3 Grandpa's to spoil her rotten!
So much love for this little baby girl!  I swear I could really feel it all around.  This is Elisha with her Dad and Naomi, of course.
It was really great to have the afternoon to hang out with all of our family and Elisha's too :)  Her and Matt are really doing a great job here!!!  I had so many great pics, that it was really hard to limit myself as to what to post.

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