Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Island Greetings

 We are in Okinawa and settled (for the most part).  It has been a fun new adventure and everyone is enjoying the new ward, new schools and new friends we are making here. 
 Ashley: Is at the middle school here on base and we are close enough for her to walk.  She is doing great in her classes and tested to their Advanced Band.  She has a great friend here on our street and is absolutely loving our new branch!
Austin: Is going to the elementary school with Katie and they walk or ride bikes everyday. He really loves his new teacher and is taking part in a Taiko Drumming club at school and is slated to begin baseball sometime in December.

 Katie: Is part of her schools running club and will start softball in December.
Natalie: Well what can I say she is a goofball :)  In all seriousness she was the one who had the hardest time with jet-lag but after a few mornings of breakfast at 3am she aclamated.  I am VERY proud of her... She is potty trained!  After what seemed like forever she goes both pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty and for the most part is dry through the night.
Mackenzie:  What a sweet girl! If only I could get her to sleep through the night now :)  She is on solid food and can sit up by herself.

 Lewis and Tina:  Well between 2 new cars and a mountain of boxes (which is pretty much gone) we are surviving.  I have a great group of ladies that I walk with in the mornings and Lewis is enjoying work.  He will actually pin Major of Nov. 1st.  We are enjoying it here and are looking forward to exploring more and falling in love with the island like everyone else here has :)  I have been keeping all the antics on FaceBook since I couldn't upload to the PC, but will start doing more here again.
These are some pics that we took in September at Mom and Dad's.  I really love them!