Sunday, August 31, 2008

Red 4

Just a quick post to let you all know that we will be welcoming our 4th baby in early April of 2009! I am about 8 weeks and doing the hurry up and wait that the military offers in order to get an OB appointment. We will let you all know when we know more.
Red 1, Red 2, and Red 3 (Ashley, Austin and Katie) are so excited!

Daring Bakers: August Challenge - Eclairs

This month was my first challenge and in my crazy life I waited till the last minute to complete it. I was really excited to make the cream puff dough since Andrea has made it many times and then stuffed it with chicken salad (so yummy!).
I was way worried about the puffs since my dough looked nothing like it was supposed to but they really puffed up. I even made them (well sort of) round.
I made vanilla pastry cream since Lewis loves it and then drizzled them with a simple chocolate butter cream frosting. It was really just leftover from Ashley's party.
They were totally yummy and a big hit here. Katie insisted to be in one picture (she is wearing a magnetic chip clip in her hair).
Loads of fun, and a big hit all around.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Yes I know this is a day late but we had her party last night and we were busy today. Ashley wanted a PJ Party and the girls watched "Camp Rock" and then decorated cupcakes. It was a hit and Ashley has thanked me many times today for "The best Birthday Ever!!"

Make a Wish!
The next few pictures are of a few of Ashley's favorite gifts. I was so proud of her, every thing that she opened was a favorite and she was so great about making sure that every one that she LOVED their gifts!
Nana sent her some crocheting needles and yarn and a bag to keep all her stuff in!
Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dellon sent her a new bag for school!
After presents the girls got to decorate cupcakes. I guess I should have realized that it would have been such a great hit. The girls totally loved picking out their own sprinkles and how much frosting was on their cupcake.

Katie being careful not to spill.
Poor Austin felt so left out. We had our friends Matt and Jeanette over and also our friend Troy, they all went upstairs with Austin and watched "Transformers" and tried to do boy things with him while the girls were totally crazy and giggly in the playroom. All in all it was a great time and we all enjoyed the night.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks Guys!!!

A great big thanks goes out to these sweet friends! They are very precious to us and help us out all the time. We really appreciate being invited this weekend and totally had a blast. All the kids talk about is when we get to go back. Good luck with school, and CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding (Sept 20th). Love you guys and thanks again.

Solomons Island - Day 1 - "I'm Sailing!"

We spent the weekend at Solomons Island in MD with our good friends Matt and Jeanette. Her Grandparents have a beautiful house on the water. Pretty much right after we arrived her Grandpa took us sailing on his boat!!! So much fun!!!
We set up a table under the tent and that is where we ate all our meals.
Lewis had to help Katie the first time she walked on the dock. She wasn't too sure about that.

A couple of shots on the boat.

Matt and Lewis took care of most of the sail work with guidance from Grandpa Mason, and I was actually driving the boat. That is why no pics of me or Jeanette.

We could not swim in the water because of all the jelly fish in the water.
Here is a picture of the dock and the boat. When we got back their neighbors were there catching crab off the dock. The kids were so mesmerized by that and spent most of the afternoon on the dock.
Grandpa Mason had a small fleet of Kayaks and we all had a blast before dinner in them.
Katie was so excited to get to go with Mr. Matt!!

Austin and Lewis.
I love this picture before Katie adjusted her life vest. It just looks like she has been taken captive. Later on we tethered her to our kayak and she rode by herself.

Austin wanted to be independent soo bad!
This was towards the end and we look like a big mess but you can see us all in the water together.
There were the most amazing sunsets and I had fun taking pictures off the dock.

Solomons Is. - Day 2 - Rehoboth Beach in DE

After a pancake breakfast we packed everyone up and drove about 3hrs to Rehoboth Beach. Let me tell you that was an adventure. As you can see there were enough people there to populate a small country. This beach was chosen because it had waves and I have decided that I will take a calm quiet beach any day. The kids had a blast and that is all that matters:)

The kids spent most of the day playing chicken with the waves. They stood there and as the wave came up they ran away. Later in the day Katie and I would stand and let our feet get buried in the sand as the waves washed over them.
More of the kiddos playing in the water.
Right before lunch (sub sandwiches and the biggest tub of tasty fries you have ever seen) the kids took turns burying each other in the sand.

On the way back to the car we got some ice cream and then tried to get as much sand off as possible before getting back in the van. I felt so bad for the kids because they had sand in every nook and cranny imaginable.

Another beautiful end to a beautiful day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Birthday Boys

Well bear with me tonight, this will be a long post but I thought that you might want to see the results of my first real birthday party. As many know today was Austin's birthday (Lewis' too). Since Grandma and Grandpa were here we decided to have his party today.
Austin really wanted an Indiana Jones party and so i searched for ideas and took this one from another blog (thanks to for the great ideas). Our dear friend Matt B helped us out by being Indiana Jones and ran in and asked for help with finding his treasure. All the kids raised their hands in excitement. The Treasure hunt had a Mummy Gallery, Snake Pit, Crocodile Creek, and then ended in the Airport Hanger.
These are a couple of my favorite Mummies..
Notice Katie's one sock on and one sock off thing.
What is that all about??
Looking for the Crocodile in the Creek.

At the end, all the kiddos with their treasure.
Austin and Indiana Jones.

Jeanette and Indie.
Make a wish!!
All in all it was great and the weather held out to only be overcast rather than raining on us. All the kids had a great time and Austin is still talking about his party.
Since it was Lewis' birthday too we had a BBQ and made Sirloin Burgers (Ohh they were heaven!!!) and then carrot cake. Matt and Janette stayed and we all had a great night. Grandpa even played music (pics way blurry sorry).

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sew Fun!

After many years of yearning for a sewing machine with the capability of embroidery I finally got one!! Grandma and Grandpa spoil us so much!!! I am way excited to use this machine more but Grandma says that it is even better than her Bernina. It is a Kenmore Elite, and the cord for the foot pedal is even self contained. Not that you need it, you can actually sew with the touch of a button. I have died and gone to sewing heaven.
Grandma You Rock!!
So far I have only made a small blanket for an ongoing church service project (18x18 blankets for high risk premie's). But this machine sews like butter!!!
When we lived in ABQ Grandma started to teach Ashley to sew with a jammie pant pattern. She wasn't able to finish before we moved so Grandma brought the project with her.
She is giving Mommy a run for her money..
Grandma is so great at taking the time, and having great patience while working with Ash.