Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Birthday Boys

Well bear with me tonight, this will be a long post but I thought that you might want to see the results of my first real birthday party. As many know today was Austin's birthday (Lewis' too). Since Grandma and Grandpa were here we decided to have his party today.
Austin really wanted an Indiana Jones party and so i searched for ideas and took this one from another blog (thanks to http://sippycupsareforchardonnay.blogspot.com/ for the great ideas). Our dear friend Matt B helped us out by being Indiana Jones and ran in and asked for help with finding his treasure. All the kids raised their hands in excitement. The Treasure hunt had a Mummy Gallery, Snake Pit, Crocodile Creek, and then ended in the Airport Hanger.
These are a couple of my favorite Mummies..
Notice Katie's one sock on and one sock off thing.
What is that all about??
Looking for the Crocodile in the Creek.

At the end, all the kiddos with their treasure.
Austin and Indiana Jones.

Jeanette and Indie.
Make a wish!!
All in all it was great and the weather held out to only be overcast rather than raining on us. All the kids had a great time and Austin is still talking about his party.
Since it was Lewis' birthday too we had a BBQ and made Sirloin Burgers (Ohh they were heaven!!!) and then carrot cake. Matt and Janette stayed and we all had a great night. Grandpa even played music (pics way blurry sorry).


Alysha Smith said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of work. Very creative!

Brooke said...

It looks like a ton of fun! Tell your guys HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh how the time goes by, our boys are getting big!

rautis2 said...

looks like so much fun! Hope they had a great time and tell them both we say a belated happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Tina! Yay! I am glad you found me on here! This party looks like it was a blast!! Our wedding is acutally in September but excitement got ahead of me and I made it a Grosshans blog! :o)

Love Ya!

Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! LOL!! My brother is the coolest!! Those pictures are priceless.
I'll need to steal some of those from you.
Good times.

Anna Allred said...

How fun! Austin was telling me about you making the snakes, but I had no idea the party was going to be that cool! That's awesome!

Jules said...

What a cute idea!!