Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a Dork - Or Yumminess

So I ment to go to the store on Saturday night and then one thing led to another and I didn't so I didn't have bread or milk for Sunday and this morning.  Well I did have buttermilk and instant milk so we had buttermilk pancakes for lunch yesterday (ohhh so yummy) and then I decided to try this recipe for bread.  It was just as easy as rolls and oh so light.  I turned out 4 way yummy loaves of bread that my children love so much that they don't want me to buy bread anymore :)
Look at how light that bread is!  I was so surprised.  Totally great recipe and I will be making a lot more bread around here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fly Like and Eagle

Lewis has a friend at work that is a retired navigator, and upon talking about Austin and his wanting to be a pilot when he grows up, offered to take him flying.  Well, Saturday was that day.

First they did the pre-flight walk around.  Austin learned about checking the fuel and all sorts of fun things.
What a cool looking dude!
Austin even got to fly the plane.  What a big boy he is!  I can't believe it!
After the flight.
Thanks again Mr. Bob!  Austin had a great time and Lewis too :)  
I love that grin on Austin's face.  I think that he grinned like that all day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beauty in the Wild

This is why I hate for Lewis to mow the lawn in the spring.   I love how the violets just grow wild in the grass.  This year was the first that I noticed the little albino ones mixed in there.
Once I was outside with the camera I noticed one of the last Japanese Tulips on my neighbors tree.
I also noticed one of the first Dogwood blossoms.
Then there were these beautiful blossoms.
I love how the sun shines through the tree.
Also I can't wait till these azaleas bloom in the next couple of days :)
On a side note....  I got this fun book with some of my birthday money.  I am so excited to try some of these projects.  Although realistically I won't be able to do any till after we get to Enid.  I still have a few projects that I promised that I would help my dear friend Kim with.  I will soooooo miss my BFF (as Katie would say).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did you See Bunny Tracks?

So we had a little visitor last night...did you?  
Austin said it was a little white rabbit with a magic bag:)
Everyone was in a great mood.
Natalie was really interested in what Austin was doing.

Katie's favorite goodie was a ZhuZhu pet.  This little hamster that makes noises and then rolls all over the floor.  A little silly but she is in love with Nugget :)
Austin got some Bakugon (I think that that is how you spell it).  

Ashley got the next two books in the Percy Jackson series.
The aftermath.
Once Natalie was all funned-out (is that even a really word?  oh well) she played with one of her birthday toys.  Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dellon got her this really awesome cube thing that has all sorts to do.  She really loves it.
Between sessions of General Conference we had Easter Dinner here with some friends from church.  We had a great Easter and hope that you all did too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!

To celebrate Natalie's birthday we took a few pictures in the front yard after General Conference but before cake. Enjoy!!!

I love her little pondering face here.

Have your cake and eat it too!!

Since today was General Conference we just had a couple of friends over to grill meat, watch the second session and eat cake :) Lots of fun! Natters was very lady-like about it for a few minutes and then she started to dig in.

This is her Godfather pic :) I totally love that her hair is now styled with cake and sticking up on the one side.

Forget the manners.... Give me cake!

This is her "matter-of-fact" face that she makes a lot. I love it!

Almost clean with a tummy full of cake :)

General Conference Basket

So I am in no way a stellar Visiting Teacher but this idea gave me a way to remind my Ladies that they are loved and thought of. I put a little basket together (everything from Dollar Tree - my fav) with treats, a drink, some suckers, a notebook with pen and pencil and a conference packet with activities and ways to remember what touched you.

All my Ladies loved their baskets and I felt great that I did something for them. I think that this will have to be a tradition for the future.

Friday, April 2, 2010

An Egg-cellent Time

This morning the kiddos and I went to an egg hunt at Fairfax High School that was sponsored by Chick-fil-A; like my favorite place ever (now you have to say that last part in valley girl slang).

I really liked that they roped off the field and only let certain age groups go at a time and then "re-set" the field. The kids and I had been shut up all week since they had been sick and Lewis was in Atlanta. It felt so great to be outside and we all had a BLAST!

Katie flexing her muscles for the camera.

Oh, yeah and for those that didn't remember today is is Monkey's first birthday! Can you believe that my sweet chunk is a year already? I can't!

There were a few races between age groups with the Bunny and the Cows and the Bunny won every time (Duh its Easter:)

The pics weren't great because the light was so bright but we all had a great time and then went to go get Lewis from the airport. and of course at Moe's (Welcome to Moe's). The day was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun.