Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beauty in the Wild

This is why I hate for Lewis to mow the lawn in the spring.   I love how the violets just grow wild in the grass.  This year was the first that I noticed the little albino ones mixed in there.
Once I was outside with the camera I noticed one of the last Japanese Tulips on my neighbors tree.
I also noticed one of the first Dogwood blossoms.
Then there were these beautiful blossoms.
I love how the sun shines through the tree.
Also I can't wait till these azaleas bloom in the next couple of days :)
On a side note....  I got this fun book with some of my birthday money.  I am so excited to try some of these projects.  Although realistically I won't be able to do any till after we get to Enid.  I still have a few projects that I promised that I would help my dear friend Kim with.  I will soooooo miss my BFF (as Katie would say).

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Robyn said...

Those pictures are beautiful! And that book looks so fun! :)