Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a Dork - Or Yumminess

So I ment to go to the store on Saturday night and then one thing led to another and I didn't so I didn't have bread or milk for Sunday and this morning.  Well I did have buttermilk and instant milk so we had buttermilk pancakes for lunch yesterday (ohhh so yummy) and then I decided to try this recipe for bread.  It was just as easy as rolls and oh so light.  I turned out 4 way yummy loaves of bread that my children love so much that they don't want me to buy bread anymore :)
Look at how light that bread is!  I was so surprised.  Totally great recipe and I will be making a lot more bread around here.


My name is Becka said...

wow! I'm so excited to try the bread!!!!
thank you for sharing your find :)


It looks delicious!!