Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sitting Pretty

Natalie has learned a new trick; she can sit up. She has been working on this for about a week and is now no longer all wobbly. She sits and plays on the floor, and eventually ends up on her back eating her toes.

Where Natalie goes, so does Rex.

I swear she loves them toes :)


When Natalie was born Anna sent her a sent of headbands and bows. I totally love them and since she just upgraded (size) her wardrobe, she needed bows to match the new colors. So, here by request are the new bows. I do seem to add on an almost daily basis, so we shall see how many we end up with in the end.

On a side note, Ashley got her 1st test back today and got a 13/12!!! She was so excited I promised to blog about it. Way to go Ash!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Scouting We Will Go

Tonight was Austin's first Cub Scout activity. It was a pack meeting so the whole family went and it was a lot of fun. Austin is really excited to be a scout and got home and wanted to start working on his Bobcat.

Austin showing me how silly he is when he is excited about something.

The Happiest Baby...

Since my big kids are in school all day little Monkey has had a chance to get into a routine and is now sleeping pretty much all night. She still wakes up once but she eats and then goes back to sleep. And she does it on her own. She fusses (not cries, or screams) for about 5-10 min and then is out for the count. I even am getting 2 naps during the day!

I loved the drops of drool!
I wanted to share my new book. I am reading "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Karp. I wish that I would have had this book when I had Ashley. There are so many Ah-ha moments while reading it and I think that all new mothers should read it. No hype, just common sense (in my opinion).

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight...

Our new favorite place to eat is "Chick-fil-a". Every Tuesday they have family night; where if you dress a certain way the kids eat free. I have a hard time turning it down and the kids love dressing up. This picture was from sports night. Also there is the plus that they serve DDP with "good ice".

Back to School

The kiddos finally started school on September 8th. I know that I am way late posting but I have been sick so I am sorry on the delay. The above picture is of my new kindergartner. She really loves school and comes home everyday and excitedly tells me everything that she did.

Ashley is getting into the groove of 5th grade (can you believe that she is that old?!). She is signed up for band and Girls on the Run.
Austin is in 2nd grade and has signed up for chess club with his best buddy.

Somehow we actually missed the bus on the first day and then Lewis took this cute shot of my three big kids walking up from the "Kiss and Ride".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

$$ Big Savings $$

I have been trying to cut corners and save wherever possible and a friend of mine asked me if I had been clipping coupons. I told her that in the past I had but couldn't seem to get organized to make it worth my while. She gave me a few tips and this week I have saved....

44%!!! That is right on my $207 grocery bill I saved $92. I can hardly believe it. On top of that I have a ton of extra that is going towards my food storage. Now I know that there are ladies out there that make money off grocery shopping but I am pretty happy with the savings and I may get there.
So.. My sister and sister-in-law wanted to know how I was saving so much. Here is what I am doing and how I am organized.

This is my binder that goes with me everywhere. I have the weekly ads in the pocket with store specific coupons. Then I have all my coupons organized in baseball card protective sheets (these can be found at the front of the store at Wal-Mart, by where all the trading cards are).
I buy a Sunday paper, on Monday, and cut all the coupons that I might use. I am not a clipper that clips everything, just things that I might eat or use.

I have 2 sets of 8 dividers; you need the plastic kind so that the tabs don't come off the divider page. Here are my categories: cereal/bread, snacks/treats, frozen food & treats, canned foods, condiments, baking, pasta/grains, dairy/meats, baby, shampoo/lotion/razors/body wash/deodorant, face wash/dental/meds/vitamins, first aid, bathroom & kitchen cleaners, laundry soap, paper goods/cat food/ect.., and misc.

Your receipts will be long and the savings big. I hope that this helps answer any questions you all had. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try my best to help out.