Sunday, January 23, 2011

For Jan - Flight Suit Bag

 Before Christmas I made a Diaper bag for myself, and one of the ladies that Lewis works for, out of old BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) tops.  I also made my neighbor a bag from her husbands flight-suit. 
 A friend of mine asked if I could make her a bag out of her hubby's flight-suit and Lewis thought that he needed to see what it felt like to wear one (silly boy).
 So this is Jan's bag.  All it needs is her hubby's patches and it will be complete.  I really love how it turned out!

If anyone out there sees this and is interested in either the flight-suit or BDU/ABU bags please leave me a comment on the this post with your email and I will get you the details and pricing info.


hpreisser said...

Hi Tina! My name is Heather. I really love this bag and I have a desert flight suit of my husband's in the same color! Could you please send me an e-mail with some more details about it? My e-mail address is Thanks!

The Grosshans said...
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The Grosshans said...

Hi Christina!

This is Diana. I was wondering if you could send me some information about what you need to turn an old BDU blouse into a bag.


Jessica said...

My Name is Jessica - I am very interested in a flight suit diaper bag. My email is

Thanks so much, theses are AWESOME!! :) what a resourceful and memorable idea!!

Carolyn said...

Hi! I would like some information on getting diaper bag made. My email is Thanks!

Erika Mehlhaff said...

Hi!! I am interested in learning more about pricing/production time for a flight suit purse (for me) and flight suit dress (for my Little). (And if you have any ideas for a teen daughter and preteen son...) Thanks!!

erikamehlhaff g mail com

Blake said...

I'm very interested in one for my wife. I'm a current fighter guy and can provide you with an old flight suit. Please email me at


Amanda and Marc said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some info about a flight suit dress for a 3 year old girl. I saw a picture of one you made and it looks very cute. Thanks so much. my email is

Kristen said...

Hi there - my name is Kristen and i'm very interested in a flight suit diaper bag - my email is

Lindsey said...

Hi I'm looking to purchase a pattern for this type of bag (NOT TO SELL) but to make for myself w my hubby's flight suit. Do you ever sell patterns??


Tam and Dee said...


I'd love your info about Flight suit bags! I'm a former pilot myself that would love to turn a flight suit into a bag. We loved lived in Enid when we were there for pilot training (my husband is a pilot too). Please send the info to


Mal Lit said...

Hello, I am interested in pricing for your flight suit bag. My email is

Mallory from McChord AFB :)

bsweet said...

Hello! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your flight suit bag!
I was wondering if are still taking orders??
My email is

Thank you!

knb.tamu08 said...

Hi! Are you still taking orders? I am very interested in one of these. :-)