Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

 I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this updated but Christmas was a crazy trip and everyone was either sick before, during or after.  
So before we left for ABQ I helped to organize the annual Airman Cookie Drive on December 13th.  It was a base-wide event with the OSC and ESG both participating.   We baked and gathered and decorated over 1000 cookies and then packaged them for the Airmen that live in the dorms here at Vance.

 Just a few of our cookies.

 That evening we packaged them in these cute bags (the cookies were in zip bags inside these to ensure freshness).  Lewis and the kiddos came and helped with this.
 On the 14th the OSC Pres, Vice Pres, as well as Katie (my neighbor who helped me with the organizing and exwcuting of the event.  WE call her "big" Katie around here:)) and a couple other volunteers and I went to the dorms and hand delivered all those cookies to the 100 Airmen that live here in the dorms.
 We got to ABQ on the 20th (the 19th was Lewis' Christmas Party for work) and then on the 21st we had Katie (and Evalee's) birthday party at Peter Piper.  This has become a tradition that Katie looks forward to every year.

 Can she really be 7?!

 Katie got so many great gifts!

 On the 23rd I took some family pics for Matt and Elisha (you can see more on their blog; link on the sidebar)
 We spent Christmas Eve with the Taylor's and then Christmas Day with my fam.  It was a blast but since I was sick the majority of the trip there are very few pics.  The kids had a blast and that is all that matters :)
 On January 1st we took family pictures with the Taylor's. Kristen and I did the photography and I think that they turned out pretty good considering that it was 12 degrees outside....

on the 2nd we went to go and get the kiddos from Chris and Kristen's and the starter went out on the van.  Luckily I am married to Super Man and he was able to fix it :)  We came home on the 4th, and that is about it.  I know we are so boring.  Anyway Happy New Year to all and be on the lookout for your Christmas card that will be coming this week,  I know it is more of a New Years card but I have to get them out:)  Love to all!


ytucker said...

That's a lot of cookies!!

Scott said...

Your family is so cute! Miss you all lots!