Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday Sampler Block .75 (grumble)

Can I just start this post by saying "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?"  I joined a block of the month club at the quilt shop in the next town south of us (Hennessey) and thought that it would be a lot of fun.  Get to learn some new skills, and get over to the fabric shop once a month :) Well they don't tell you that when you make your first block you may go bald from pulling your hair out.  But let's just say that I now know why they give you a whole month for each block.
 This is the pattern.

 I got all the pieces cut and started putting things together.  At this point I was still feeling pretty proud of myself.  Not too hard;  now just so that you know, NEVER say that! I put this next to the block that goes with it and it was a half inch too big.
 So out with my handy dandy ripper and then some trimming (that I thought I had done correctly).
And this is where I end tonight.  Totally feeling defeated and hating that there are pieces that no longer line up.  I am torn between leaving it and knowing that it was the first stepping stone to my new blanket (cause let's face it, I am never gonna make enough of these blocks to make the quilt in the picture), and finishing it, learning my lesson and seeing if they have any extra kits to remake it.
Reguardless I am gonna go take out some frustration on the pots in my sink, yes I know its late but I really wanted to sew and who else will scrub those dishes?  :(


Kristen Taylor said...

Bummer... Good luck! Whichever you choose it will be fun to have it in the end. And once the quilt/blanket is together no one else would ever really notice I am sure. You will... but no one else will...

Anonymous said...
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