Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Fashonista & SS Block 1

 So Ash helped Natters get dressed this morning and she always lets her pick out her own clothes.  This is her.  I am sorry for the dark pic but I really had to chase her down to get this picture :)
 Not 2 minutes later I was brought new shoes and watched as she pulled the snow boots off.  She was a little more willing to take a couple of pictures.
 Love these boots!
 Natalie has been loving to play with the magnets lately, but she just pulls them all and puts them on the very bottom and gets mad if she sees you move them.  Silly girl.  (See the red pot in its happy placce on the stove.  Totally love that pot!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!)
 Monkey and I sat at the door looking at the trees and our toes this morning too.

And here it is in all its imperfection!  I am totally not happy with it but like Kristen said, no one else will notice the imperfections except me (and now anyone that reads this).  So the decision has been made to leave this in all its imperfection and I am gonna try to just enjoy the journey.


ytucker said...

Your quilt block looks awesome! Glad you stuck it out and feel better now because it is beautiful. Baby girl is so pretty, I miss her and wish I was there this morning to look at trees and toes, too.

Anonymous said...

Vai se fude... menina feia do caralho!! Americano se acham, mas não passam de uns merdas!

Gary and Evalee said...

This is gorgeous!!! you should be soo proud!!! And Natalie looks so cute. Wish I could be there too!!!

alex said...

what a beautiful and fashionista girl.. love her..

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