Monday, March 16, 2009


Tonight we got home from dinner (Lewis took me to Moe's) it was raining and there was a little frog jumping all over and lucky not to get run over. The kids really wanted to keep him but after looking online about caring for a frog we decided that it was better to let him go.

So this is Kermit, our pet frog that now lives out in the backyard. We took pics so that there was some sort of record for the kids; Katie was the sadest to see him go.

After a lot of hand washing and washing of the table we wiped the tears and everyone was off to bed.


Since it has been awhile I thought that I would add a generic update so that you could see what we have been up to. Two weeks ago Katie and Austin "helped" Lewis do some yard work. They raked some leaves and then fertilized the yard.

They did the yard work right after the snow melted from the second snow storm within a month. Katie had a blast eating the snow off the table.

The kids are usually agreeable for a group shot.

Lewis went with the kids and a friend of ours, Scott and Lance, to the Dulles Air and Space Museum. I stayed home since walking a museum isn't really something that I have been up to. But they all had a lot of fun and then got a burger on the way home.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Night...

A wonderful man left this earth to be with the one thing that he loved most, a wonderful woman. I received a call last night telling me that my Grandfather had passed away. As hard as I have tried to be happy that he is now with Grandma and no longer suffering, I still sit here selfishly sad to lose him. (also that I can not be there with my family since I have been grounded from traveling from my mid-wife).
So in an attempt to think positive and remember that he is in a better place I would like to propose a toast...
"To flat cat pancakes, Twinkies, IBC root beer. To a man that always knew how to make the girls and women in his life feel special. To dancing girls and John Philips Sousa playing at the loudest volume the poor speakers would allow. To yellow roses marking the birth of each of my children and to the wonderful legacy of a family that this great man has left here on Earth.
Give Grandma a big kiss for me."

Monday, March 2, 2009

My first TAG!!!

Picture tag.
Here are the directions:
Open up the 6Th picture folder on your computer.Post the 6Th picture in the folder and tell the story of it.Then tag 6 of your friends.

So here is Katie on the boat on our trip to Solomon's Island last summer (my files are in alphabetical order so Aug 08 was the 6th folder). Our friends have family there and invited us to go with them for the weekend. It was so much fun, and we are already to planning to go back this summer with Sweet Pea!

So TAG you're IT: Michelle, Anna, Audrey, Jessica, and Jennifer