Monday, March 16, 2009


Tonight we got home from dinner (Lewis took me to Moe's) it was raining and there was a little frog jumping all over and lucky not to get run over. The kids really wanted to keep him but after looking online about caring for a frog we decided that it was better to let him go.

So this is Kermit, our pet frog that now lives out in the backyard. We took pics so that there was some sort of record for the kids; Katie was the sadest to see him go.

After a lot of hand washing and washing of the table we wiped the tears and everyone was off to bed.



Ohhh, poor Katie! How sweet is she???

emily said...'re a better mom than I would ever think of being. How nice of you to take pictures...I think I would have run him! Well...but those giant tears from Katie sad!
hee hee hoo, hee hee hoo, I figure since I can't be there to help you like you helped me with the whole labor and delivery I would help where I could, hee hee hoo, hee hee hoo!!