Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Well it was a busy time to say the least! Ashley had a game at 9:30, Austin had pics at 11:30 and then a game at 1:00. We didn't even make it home till about dinner time. So after long last here are a few pics.
I loved Ashley's face in the above pic.
This is their cool formation that they do at the beginning and half time.
A pic with "poms".
This is Ashley's favorite cheer. At the point of the pic they are saying "We're R-E-D Red Hot!"
She is having a lot of fun with cheer!!!
So from lack of parents and coaches I was "dug-out Mom" and "line-up Lady" at the game and Lewis was on the field. So the only pics I have are from warm up. And yes that is right...he wears the same # his Dad did, 21.

While closing his eyes in the 4th inning Austin caught the ball, ran to 2nd (unassisted double) and then threw to 1st for a triple play that saved the team. It was amazing because he caught the ball in the first place with his eyes squeezed shut and his glove in the air.
This isn't from the weekend, but the week. I just thought that it was a nice pic.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Bees...

We had the bright idea to sign the kids up for sports this fall. Austin chose baseball, and Ashley wanted cheer leading. Well we quickly became very involved and I am sort of turning into Austin's Team Mom, and am the official score keeper for the team. Ashley seems to always have practice and games to cheer at, at the same time as Austin so we haven't taken any pictures. Good news is that their schedules finally line up so that we don't have to divide and go our separate ways. There will be pics after Saturday so no worries.
Austin has had two games and here are the stats.
Last Sat was 14:2 go us!!!!
Last night was 6:2 not us... the boys just all looked so tired but they got into the swing of things right as the game had to be called because it was getting dark.

Baby News

Well Monday I had my first baby appointment. It took forever to fill out all the paperwork (way to go AF) and then I lucked out and actually got to see a midwife. They had a new ultrasound machine and I was able to see the baby tumble all over and its' little arms and legs. The official due date is April 14th and everything looks fine for now. I am not supposed to go in until the middle of October and then after that we have the big ultrasound (it will be pretty in depth to make sure that there are not any complications that Katie had). We are excited but Katie is very disappointed that there are no twins.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!!!

Today was the first day of school here in VA. I was totally amazed at how excited they all (yes even Katie) were that school was back in.
Both Ashley and Austin are proud to show off their new backpacks.

I really love capturing the sweet moments between these two. They have such a great bond.
The Three Musketeers back together again.
(Rebecca, Ashley, & Ally)
Austin and Alex
The bus seemed to take forever to get here.
Off to school...
Catch me if you can Mommy.