Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Well it was a busy time to say the least! Ashley had a game at 9:30, Austin had pics at 11:30 and then a game at 1:00. We didn't even make it home till about dinner time. So after long last here are a few pics.
I loved Ashley's face in the above pic.
This is their cool formation that they do at the beginning and half time.
A pic with "poms".
This is Ashley's favorite cheer. At the point of the pic they are saying "We're R-E-D Red Hot!"
She is having a lot of fun with cheer!!!
So from lack of parents and coaches I was "dug-out Mom" and "line-up Lady" at the game and Lewis was on the field. So the only pics I have are from warm up. And yes that is right...he wears the same # his Dad did, 21.

While closing his eyes in the 4th inning Austin caught the ball, ran to 2nd (unassisted double) and then threw to 1st for a triple play that saved the team. It was amazing because he caught the ball in the first place with his eyes squeezed shut and his glove in the air.
This isn't from the weekend, but the week. I just thought that it was a nice pic.


Anna Allred said...

Ashley is the cutest cheerleader!


How fun for her! I love your pictures!! And way to go Austin!! Way to rock the triple play!

Beautiful Katie, as always. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics! And we want belly pics when you start showing!

emily said...

Ashley looks fabulous!
Way to go Austin!!
Tell Katie that I am with her...I am a bit upset it's not twins either! We're shooting for the April 12th for the baby to be born.
Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!
Love you guys!

Cheryl J. said...

They are soooo adorable! I love the little cheerleaders :-)