Thursday, October 2, 2008

Buble & More...

Last night Lewis and I had the privilege to see Lewis' "Brother from another Mother", Justin Ray. He has been touring with Michael Buble for the last 5 years, playing the trumpet. It is always great to catch up with him. And the floor seats were great too (great big THANKS, Justin)! Once I got home I was horrified to realize that I had not gotten a pic with Lewis and Justin so these from the concert will have to do.
Okay, so Justin is the one top row far right, with the spikie hair. In the picture below, from the jumbo tron, he is the one with a trumpet in front of his face.

This is Buble singing with his opening act, Naturally 7. They are totally awesome!!!! I put a link to a you tube video on my side bar but is only half of the picture, but worth the listen.
This is where Buble wanted everyone to know he was a man and macho. So he started singing Elvis that went into "YMCA". Justin is the one in sunglasses next to him.
After the show we tried to find somewhere to hang out and get some pie or something and realized that everything in walking distance was closed. So we, reluctantly, said 'good-bye' and went our separate ways. So to summarize: Great Dinner! Great Company! Great Show! Boo, No Pie.

The rest of these pics are just misc. from dumping the card on my camera. This was the new pyramid the girls did last Sat.
Here the kiddos are with Grandpa the day they got in at Chili's.
Thought that this was funny. I love how intent Lewis is at his coloring.
About a month ago we were in charge of cleaning the chapel. After it was all done the boys played a little ball.

A while back we took the kiddos to see that new Star Wars animated movie. We wanted to make it a special outing so we went to the dollar store and let them pic a candy. They were so proud of their choices that I snapped a pic.


Anna Allred said...

fun times! I bet Austin could just drop the ball in the basket on Lewis's shoulders like that!

Cheryl J. said...

Sooo...How does Lewis know "Justin Ray?" You left out the details :-)