Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Mommy there are too many wrinkles!!!"

Katie is my master bed maker and if I didn't see her doing it I would think that Ashley was doing it for her. She is such a perfectionist that it sometimes frustrates her. About once a month she breaks down and starts screaming. It breaks my heart to see so much frustration over covers. On one such day I thought that I would take her mind off the stress by documenting her steps.
First she smooths all the wrinkles out of the sheets.
Next comes the comforter. It all has to line up just right or she has to start over.
Then the pillow and a sign of triumph.
The finished product (try to ignore the mess under the bed).


johnsmith said...

I noticed them this morning. I’ve been particularly stressed lately and also not moisturizing enough, so my reaction was “oh god, wrinkles! Where did those come from? I need to moisturize more! I need to exfoliate more! What am I doing to myself? Why am I so old?



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Anna Allred said...

Wow, go Katie! Sweetie pie. She makes up a good bed!

emily said...

The next Martha Stewart maybe?? You know at some point she will have to retire and then Katie could swoop in and make millions showing people how to make their beds correctly!! It makes me sad too though that she gets frustrated...I'm sending her a hug via the blogoshpere!!!

Kristen Taylor said...

Such a cutie! She is getting too old! :) Great job on that bed Katie!!