Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby News

Well Monday I had my first baby appointment. It took forever to fill out all the paperwork (way to go AF) and then I lucked out and actually got to see a midwife. They had a new ultrasound machine and I was able to see the baby tumble all over and its' little arms and legs. The official due date is April 14th and everything looks fine for now. I am not supposed to go in until the middle of October and then after that we have the big ultrasound (it will be pretty in depth to make sure that there are not any complications that Katie had). We are excited but Katie is very disappointed that there are no twins.


rautis2 said...

Congrats and you must tell me when you know what you are having!!!!

Kristen Taylor said...

Congrats guys! So now Chris and I need another so they can be good friends. Well that and you all need to move back! :) Pretty please... we miss you guys!