Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Bees...

We had the bright idea to sign the kids up for sports this fall. Austin chose baseball, and Ashley wanted cheer leading. Well we quickly became very involved and I am sort of turning into Austin's Team Mom, and am the official score keeper for the team. Ashley seems to always have practice and games to cheer at, at the same time as Austin so we haven't taken any pictures. Good news is that their schedules finally line up so that we don't have to divide and go our separate ways. There will be pics after Saturday so no worries.
Austin has had two games and here are the stats.
Last Sat was 14:2 go us!!!!
Last night was 6:2 not us... the boys just all looked so tired but they got into the swing of things right as the game had to be called because it was getting dark.

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