Thursday, September 3, 2009

$$ Big Savings $$

I have been trying to cut corners and save wherever possible and a friend of mine asked me if I had been clipping coupons. I told her that in the past I had but couldn't seem to get organized to make it worth my while. She gave me a few tips and this week I have saved....

44%!!! That is right on my $207 grocery bill I saved $92. I can hardly believe it. On top of that I have a ton of extra that is going towards my food storage. Now I know that there are ladies out there that make money off grocery shopping but I am pretty happy with the savings and I may get there.
So.. My sister and sister-in-law wanted to know how I was saving so much. Here is what I am doing and how I am organized.

This is my binder that goes with me everywhere. I have the weekly ads in the pocket with store specific coupons. Then I have all my coupons organized in baseball card protective sheets (these can be found at the front of the store at Wal-Mart, by where all the trading cards are).
I buy a Sunday paper, on Monday, and cut all the coupons that I might use. I am not a clipper that clips everything, just things that I might eat or use.

I have 2 sets of 8 dividers; you need the plastic kind so that the tabs don't come off the divider page. Here are my categories: cereal/bread, snacks/treats, frozen food & treats, canned foods, condiments, baking, pasta/grains, dairy/meats, baby, shampoo/lotion/razors/body wash/deodorant, face wash/dental/meds/vitamins, first aid, bathroom & kitchen cleaners, laundry soap, paper goods/cat food/ect.., and misc.

Your receipts will be long and the savings big. I hope that this helps answer any questions you all had. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try my best to help out.



That's awesome! I love calculating how much you save. Thanks for the post. I can't wait to get better organized. I've gotten pretty good at price matching, but now I need to add in coupons.

Kristen Taylor said...

Cool... good job! If only I could make myself be that organized... just not sure it is gonna happen.