Friday, August 1, 2008

Sew Fun!

After many years of yearning for a sewing machine with the capability of embroidery I finally got one!! Grandma and Grandpa spoil us so much!!! I am way excited to use this machine more but Grandma says that it is even better than her Bernina. It is a Kenmore Elite, and the cord for the foot pedal is even self contained. Not that you need it, you can actually sew with the touch of a button. I have died and gone to sewing heaven.
Grandma You Rock!!
So far I have only made a small blanket for an ongoing church service project (18x18 blankets for high risk premie's). But this machine sews like butter!!!
When we lived in ABQ Grandma started to teach Ashley to sew with a jammie pant pattern. She wasn't able to finish before we moved so Grandma brought the project with her.
She is giving Mommy a run for her money..
Grandma is so great at taking the time, and having great patience while working with Ash.

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Anna Allred said...

Monica rushed by while I was checking out your pictures and got really excited.."That's Ashley with Grandma!"