Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jets vs. Warriors 2-6 :(

Last Thursday (9-16) was Austin's first soccer game.  On the way to the fields we were worried that they might cancel the game since it was raining at our house.  It was gloomy. but it did stay dry.  Natalie made us all stop and sit ON the chairs as we walked to the field.
Gloomy Sky pic.
Austin just hanging around during practice.
Go Austin!!
I totally loved the look on his face in this one :)
The Jets did pretty good considering the other team was a bit older and a lot bigger than they are.  Austin kept using his hands to catch the ball and fouling.  Poor thing has played nothing but baseball the last couple of years.
This was the coaches yelling "This is soccer DON'T use your hands, AUSTIN!!!"  It was a fun day:  a good game of soccer, a spilled DDP, and lots of fun with...

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