Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watonga Lake

 Mom and Dad came to visit last week since the kiddos had Spring Break and one of the things the kiddos always want to do with Papa is.... FISHING!  Dad found us a great lake and we picked a day.  Unfortunately it was a very blustery day and there really wasn't much fishing going on.
 The only one who caught something was Papa.  He caught the sleeve for the folding camp chair that blew into the lake.
 Nana, Ash and Bubba went exploring up a cliff for rocks.
 Natalie really wanted to go too :(
Katie and Papa giving it their all.
 Austin and his rocks.  I swear I am swimming in rocks these kiddos brought home :)
 Natalie guarding our stuff while Papa went to go get the van to load up.

 All in all we had a wind blown picnic and fun afternoon followed by dinner at Rib Crib (yummy).

Pretty great St. Patrick's Day!

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