Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fuzzy Flip-Flops, 10 years, Joan Jet, & Marching Ants

I know that it has been a little bit since my last blog so I thought that I would update you on the latest happenings.
Today was Austin's Kindergarten program. They had been studying ants and so they marched in singing "The Ants go marching two by two..." They were so cute all in little masks that they made in class. Then they sang a Jelly Bean song.

Austin has really loved his teacher this year. I feel that we really lucked out with her and hopefully she will be there when Katie starts Kindergarten.

Thanks Ms. Kehler!

Last Saturday (June7th) after Mom and Dad got here we went to 'Celebrate Fairfax!' a local festival and got to see Joan Jet and then there was a big fireworks show that was sponsored by SAIC (the company that Dad works for). Poor Mom was so pooped on Sunday.

A light bulb went off Friday (June 6th) for Austin and he finally got the hang of tying his shoes. We had been trying to help him with that for a long time. It was so great to see that look of accomplishment on his face when he got it! Way To Go Austin!!!

Also Friday was our 10 year anniversary. I can hardly believe that it has been so long. It seems like yesterday that we were sealed. Well, we went to dinner and then to see "Prince Caspian" (great movie) and then when we were walking out of the movie we were able to see the festival fireworks. It was a great end to the evening.

I helped at a Young Women's activity last Wednesday and painted toes for the Beehives after they made these flip flops. As a kind gesture they made sure that they had enough supplies for the girls to also make a pair. I thought that they were adorable.


Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

SWEET! That is what our next AC Days activity is going to be! Oh blesses are those flip flops. Great idea with painting toes too. I'll think we'll do that too!

rautis2 said...

Very very cute! Rachel loves to have her toes painted too! I love the flip flops. I used to have a couple pairs like that! Way fun!!!! Congrats austin!