Sunday, June 15, 2008

End of Year Parties

Friday was the kiddos last day of school (finally). There was an award ceremony where Austin received a special award fro Citizenship. There are 2 children out of each class that receive it and there is a nice little paragraph about each child that the principal reads.
Thursday were the kids end of year parties.
This is the team teacher in his class; Ms.Paap.

Austin's class had a Pirate party and there was a scavenger hunt, pin the treasure chest on the map, bandanna decorating, treasure map making, and then an ice cream party. It was a lot of fun!!
Ashley's class had a field day and then there was a mother from the class made a class autograph book. It was really sweet, she took a class pic and then put a small book together for each child in the class.
Ashley and Ms. Koch.

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