Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun Weekend (aka photo overload)

 So after being stuck inside most of the week we ventured out on Friday to the Golden Arches and ate/played for a while and then came home.  While Natalie napped the  older kids did this little craft for their teachers.

 I found the printout online and then had to go and buy a punch the right size for the bottom of the kisses.  The kids really had a blast.  We also made a whole bowl to go to work with Daddy.
 The kiddos also took the time to go ahead and do their Valentines for school.

 That night we fed the Elders.  They gave a mini lesson on the Strippling Warriors and having faith to do the right even when things are hard.  To end the lesson we had a snowball fight (Elder Ortiz had never seen snow (in person) before).

 Natters had a blast walking around in the snow. She had to take big steps since it was still pretty deep in the yard.
 Austin had a great time, he is pretty good at making snowballs.
 Bracing for impact.
 A quick group shot as Natters begins to melt.

 On Saturday we went bowling on base.  I was so surprised at how much Natalie loved it!!!
 If she was not bowling she was standing by the ball or trying to steal one.  Are those little shoes not the greatest?!  She cried when it came time to return them.

 The ball sits on the little ramp and then the bar pushes the ball to roll down the ramp.  Coolest thing ever!  It even had levels on it to make sure that you had it lined up just right.  Our friends that came with us had two little girls that decided that they did not want to bowl after the first 3 frames.  So Austin helped Natters almost every other frame to bowl.
So the total for the 6 of us to bowl 2 games and rent shoes was a whopping $7.75.  We had lunch there too, which brought the total to about $23.00.  It was so totally affordable that we will definitely do this again!

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