Thursday, February 10, 2011


 As is our tradition large snow systems seem to follow us where ever we move, and Oklahoma is no exception.  Last week we were struck with a blizzard storm (high winds with snow and ice) and then Tuesday morning we were hit with what has been dubbed Snow-klahoma.  Lower winds and 12inches in the shallow and 19 inches in the deeper areas, and that is just at our house.  Doesn't look like Natters will be going anywhere in her Cozy Coupe any time soon :(
 Front Yard
 Back Yard
 Lewis being a ham looking through his snow gear to stay warm while shoveling.
 Natters liked to sit and look out the window to the snow.

 When she heard the boys out front shoveling she had to take a look.
 I know that this one is blurry but I thought that it was adorable that she was hiding in the curtains.
This was Austin while shoveling.  The pic is not that great because I took it through the front door because I didn't want to go out into the freezing cold.
So, the kiddos are on their second day off this week and with Katie having pneumonia we haven't played outside too much.  I think they would love to just have one more day home so that there is just a really long weekend.  With the temp at -4 right now, they just might get their wish.

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Lydia said...

Oh no, poor Katie! We'll keep her in our prayers!