Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Me :)

 A couple weekends ago I met Emily in OKC for Time out for Women.  I was so excited and knowing that she just had her birthday and that we would be doing some running around and with summer on us (ok like I need a reason :)  I made us matching tote bags.  Hers is the same except where it is turquoise on mine hers is green (her favorite color).
 This is the back of the bag.  These are LARGE totes and I am totally in love with mine.
 Inside is really simple but you could add more pockets if you wanted.
Side.  These pockets are perfect for bottles of water, sippi cups and pretty much anything!
I had my bag at church a couple of weeks ago and a sister decided that she HAD to have one so I am making her one now.  I am really loving this commissioned sewing gig I am starting here :)

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