Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fishing Fun!

On Friday the 19th Nana and Papa took us to Fenton Lake and the kiddos got to go fishing.
Anna and her girls, Emily and Julie, Matt and Elisha, Lewis and the kiddos, Mom and Dad and I all went. We started by getting breakfast burritos at Blake's (yummmy!!) and then we were off.

Anna and Leah.

Emily helped the little girls get started. They only had dummy fish but they still had a blast getting their fish, over and over :)

Lewis caught his first fish ever! Then he proceeded to catch another two. The rule after your first fish is that the little kids get to reel them in and count them as their fish.
I posted the above picture because I love the look of Katie.

Katie and Papa.

Austin and his fish.

Katie, Papa and Monica with Katie's fish.

Matt and his fish.

Katie and Monica were bosom buddies from the moment that we got to ABQ and you could almost always find them together. I loved them both helping Leah.

Monica and her fish.

Monica and Katie.

Lewis and Ashley with her fish.

Austin takes a sweet moment with Natalie.

Ashley and another fish.

A family shot at the end of the day.

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your pictures ALL turned out so great!! Can I just put a link to your page on mine?