Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day on the Farm

 To start with, we did not bring one of these home, even though it really made Natters sad.  So we went to a BBQ/baseball practice at one of the boys house on Austin's team.  They live on a working farm and Natalie and the other girls got to play with a lot of baby animals.
 Natalie's favorite of the babies were these Heeler/Lab mix puppies.  The momma really was great and let her hold this little girl for a long time.  She hugged and kissed and smiled at her puppy :)

Austin LOVED this little gray kitten!  He still talks to me to try and get me to go and get her and bring her home.
 More kisses.
 This is Natalie all proud to finally have two puppies, and Jacklyn (she lives there, and plays with Natters at the baseball games).
 Katie looks half dead here but this was her favorite, a new born chick hatched the night before :)
So much fun!  And yes there was parctice but I was too busy trying to make sure that Natalie did not drop the puppy that I didn't get pictures of that.

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