Friday, February 26, 2010

"You Are so Slacking..."

That was what I heard when I talked to Lewis the other day. I was scolded for falling behind so I am sorry about the length of this post but it is everything that I have since the last post.

This was a common scene during the blizzard of 2010. Too cold to do much the kiddos cuddled with Dad on the couch and then something yummy usually followed. We made too many cookies, blueberry bread and such :)

Nattie and Harry are great friends. Ok maybe not but she loves to find him and lay on him and he tolerates it for a little bit and then gets up and leaves. Go Harry for being so sweet to our Monkey:)

This little baby was so great to find. I wanted one of these but they were not still available in the stores. I did get lucky and find them on the eve of the blizzard and at Five Below.

Loved this icicle.

Kristen sent these cute bags that she made to Katie and Ashley for Valentine's Day. So Adorable!!

Natalie always has to be in the thick of all the action.

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