Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sun is Shinning!!!

Today we saw the sun. It won't last long because we are supposed to get more snow Tuesday and Wednesday. But it was so great to see the sun shinning out today.
This was what the front of the house looks like. We officially have 25 inches in the shallow places and 30 inches in the deeper spots.

Lookie what I found Honey!!!
After about 7 hours of shoveling we got to the van. And yes I said we, I shoveled side by side with my sweet hubby.

I thought that it looked like the van got an Elvis hairdo.

We got to the front door and the other side of the driveway will have to wait till tomorrow.
The lump front of the neighbors house is his car :(

I know that Natter's face is dirty, but this is how we see her a lot around here. Her tongue sticking out is a common appearance, I think that it means that she is concentrating.

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