Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Looked out the Window and What did I See??

Over a foot of snow out front, and in back too!! The measurement was taken just outside the garage door, and I know that it is deeper in other parts of the yard, I think I measured in the shallow part..

This picture was out Ashley's window.

Okay, I had to post this even though it is not our house. If you look at the lump in the middle on the right; that is their car!!! I feel so bad, we are gonna have to help them dig it out next week.

This is taken from right at the front door.
Well, this storm is still going and we are supposed to expect another 4-6 inches of snow today and then the temps are not supposed to get above 28 till sometime next week. To top it off there is another storm in the works that should dump more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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